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Cellu Sculpt is a machine that uses magnetic energy to stimulate muscle contraction. It is composed of the main engine, control panel and handle. The control part of the machine is located in the main box, and the built-in integrated microprocessor can continuously monitor the operation of the equipment.
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our advantages:

1、Most muscle building devices on the market come with 700W power, whereas cellusculpt comes with 2300W, three times more powerful and stable than others on the market.

2、7 working modes for the frequency waves with 5 different treatment areas for your option. The frequency is from 4.46T to 13.46T.

3、Straight forward operation interface. Suitable for both start-ups and professionals.

4、Muscle building and fat reduction working simultaneously. High safety level. Easier and water refilling connection.

5、LOGO, software and renting system customization available for distribution.

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